Alyssum L.

(excl. Aurinia)

Alyssum is a complex genus in which generic boundaries have long been obscure (see Akeroyd 1995, Mabberley 2008). As currently understood (excluding for instance Aurinia) Alyssum still counts ca. 170-190 species, mainly native to the Mediterranean area and Eurasia (+ one additional species in North America). It has been further split into nine or more segregates but these are poorly understood and pending thorough molecular studies the genus is better broadly circumscribed (Al-Shehbaz 2010). The incongruence between morphology and molecular data indicates that the current taxonomic circumscription of the genus and sections need to be revised (Li & al. 2015). Only one species is native in Belgium: Alyssum alyssoides (L.) L. It is much decreasing in the past decades and even extinct in Flanders since 1974 (Van Landuyt 2006). About 20 species are cultivated as ornamentals in Europe (Akeroyd 1995) but only few of these are rather regularly seen in gardens in Belgium.

1. Plant annual or biennial. Petals pale yellow, turning whitish (native) === Alyssum alyssoides

1. Plant perennial. Petals pure yellow === 2

2. Inflorescence a raceme (elongate in fruit). Leaves more or less concolourous. Petals emarginate at apex. Two seeds per loculus === 1. Alyssum montanum

2. Inflorescence corymbose. Leaves distinctly discolourous (lower side whitish hairy). Petals entire at apex. One seed per loculus === 2. A. murale

Additional aliens: Alyssum desertorum Stapf (E and SE-Eur., wool alien), A. hirsutum Bieb. (SE-Eur., grain alien?), A. simplex Rudolphi (syn.: A. minus Rothm.) (S and E-Eur., wool and grain alien) and A. strigosum Banks et Sol. (SE-Eur., grain alien?).



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