Anacyclus L.

Anacyclus is a genus of 12 species (Oberprieler & al. 2007), all native to the Mediterranean region. Few species are weeds of agricultural fields and occur beyond their native distribution range.

Anacyclus closely resembles other genera of the tribe Anthemideae (Anthemis, Cladanthus, Cota,…) but has dorsally compressed fruits with lateral wings. It is furthermore separated by its tubular florets with markedly unequal lobes, two being much longer than the three others.

  • Ligules white. Inner involucral bracts without a broad scarious margin === 1. Anacyclus clavatus
  • Ligules yellow. Inner involucral bracts with a broad scarious margin === 2. Anacyclus radiatus

Additional alien: Anacyclus valentinus L. (W-Medit., vector unknown). This species was recently found in imported Olea-containers from southern Europe (Hoste & al. 2009).


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