Asclepias syriaca

Asclepias syriaca L. (syn.: A. cornuti Decaisne) (N-Am.) – A rare and usually ephemeral or temporarily persistent alien, mostly an escape from cultivation. First seen on a ground heap in Lichtaart in 1987. Furthermore recorded against a fence in the port of Antwerpen in 1995, without obvious vector of introduction. Observed several times as an escape on wasteland in Brussel in 2004. A well-established population (several tens of plants) has been recorded in a road verge in Wandre since 2007, obviously as an escape or throw-out from a nearby garden. It was confirmed there in 2017. It is apparently slightly increasing recently (seen, for instance, in Begijnendijk, Dessel, ... although often as a mere relic of cultivation) and possibly becoming naturalized locally (see also van der Meijden 2005). A large population in Etalle, comprising at least 100 individuals, will be eradicated.

Additional information on the presence of Asclepias syriaca in western Europe is available at:

The very similar North American species Asclepias speciosa may have been overlooked (Gudžinskas & al. 2019).

Herbarium specimen

Selected literature

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