Astragalus L.

(excl. Biserrula)

Literature: Chater (1968), Chamberlain & Matthews (1970), Liston & Wheeler (1994), Podlech (1994), Sanderson & Wojciechowski (1996), Podlech & Lambinon (2001), Kazempour Osaloo & al. (2005), Wojciechowski (2005), Mabberley (2008). An extensive bibliography is available here:

Astragalus is a very large and complex genus of probably 2500 species, mainly distributed in the northern hemisphere (predominantly in steppe-like habitats). Only one species, Astragalus glycyphyllos L., is native in Belgium.

The generic limits of Astragalus are currently in revision. Biserrula, often included in Astragalus (see Podlech 1994) and formerly recorded as an ephemeral alien in Belgium, appears to be distinct (Mabberley 2008).

The Belgian representatives of the genus Astragalus were recently revised by D. Podlech (Podlech & Lambinon 2001).

1. Annual, without sterile shoots. Corolla 5-8 mm long, pink or yellowish === 2

1. Perennial, with sterile shoots. Corolla 11-16 mm long, yellowish === 3

2. Hairs on stem and leaves predominantly medifixed (with one branch much longer than the other). Corolla yellow. Pod 20-50 x 2-3 mm. Leaflets 9-11 pairs === 2. Astragalus hamosus

2. Hairs on stem and leaves predominantly simple. Corolla pink. Pod 10-15 x 3 mm. Leaflets 5-8 pairs === 3. A. oxyglottis

3. Leaflets (8-) 10-15 pairs. Pod ovoid-globose, 10-15 mm long, inflated === 1. A. cicer

3. Leaflets (3-) 4-6(-7) pairs. Pod linear-oblong, 30-40 mm long, not inflated (native) === A. glycyphyllos

Additional aliens: Astragalus boeticus L. (Medit., wool alien), A. cymbicarpos Brot. (syn.: A. cymbiformis Willd.) W-Medit., wool alien), A. onobrychis L. (Euras., wool alien) and A. stella L. (W-Medit., Macaronesia, wool alien). Astragalus pelecinus (L.) Barneby is currently accommodated in a separate genus (as Biserrula pelecinus L.).



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