Aubrieta Adans.

Aubrieta is a complex genus of ca. 15 species native from southern Europe to western Asia. Most are mat-forming perennials with showy pink flowers and thus very popular rock garden plants. According to Akeroyd (1995) eight species (and several additional infraspecific taxa, hybrids, etc.) are cultivated as ornamentals in Europe.

Species of Aubrieta are often neglected and/or overlooked by Belgian botanists. They are most often found near habitations. The exact identity of individual populations surely requires further study. The delimitation of species is often difficult, possibly because species have resulted from hybridisation.

Aubrieta xcultorum (Bergmans 1924) is a nomen nudum. According to Bergmans l.c. this artificial hybrid was raised from Aubrieta deltoidea, A. libanotica Boiss. et Hohen., A. olympica Boiss., A. erubescens Griseb., A. kotschyi Boiss. et Hohen. and possibly others. It always has larger and brighter flowers than Aubrieta deltoidea (and is probably sterile?).

  • Siliquae densely to sparsely stellate hairy, long simple hairs absent === Aubrieta columnae
  • Siliquae with a mixture of short stellate hairs and longer simple or forked hairs === A. deltoidea



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