Axyris amaranthoides

1. Axyris amaranthoides L. (temp. As.) – A very rare and ephemeral alien. First found on a dump in Elsene (Brussel) in 1918. Subsequently recorded on dumps in Charleroi (1949) and Turnhout (1971). All recent records are associated with grain importation (most likely from its secondary area in North America) and concentrated in the port area of Antwerpen: seen at the Graandok in 1996 and at the Amerikadok in 2005 (Verloove & Vandenberghe 1997).

Axyris amaranthoides recently ocurred in coastal dunes in the Netherlands (van der Meijden 2005), apparently without an obvious vector of introduction.

Axyris amaranthoides superficially resembles Bassia scoparia and might have been overlooked at grain mills. It is easily distinguished by its stellate hairs.


Herbarium specimen


Selected literature:

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