Azolla filiculoides

Azolla filiculoides Lam. (syn.: A. caroliniana Willd., A. magellanica Willd., A. microphylla Kaulf.) (Am.) – A more or less widely naturalised and increasing alien. First found in 1912 near Bauche (Wallonia) but at present more widespread in Flanders, especially in coastal areas (where frostbite is less likely). Populations are often remarkably unstable and can vary considerably from one year to another.

Additional information on the invasive behaviour of Azolla filiculoides in Belgium is available at:

The exceedingly similar Azolla cristata Kaulf. (syn.: A. mexicana C. Presl) has also been claimed from Belgium. In fact, the first Belgian records of Azolla were ascribed to this species but all records proved to be erroneous (Sotiaux 1979). See however Bernhardt (1991).

Herbarium specimen

Azolla filiculoides

Azolla filiculoides, Dessel, Kempisch Kanaal, standing water, September 2010, R. Barendse.

Selected literature

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