Bromus squarrosus

Bromus squarrosus L. (syn.: B. wolgensis Fisch. ex Jacq.) (Euras., N-Afr.) – A very rare and ephemeral alien. Much decreasing and only exceptionally seen nowadays, usually as a grain alien.

Bromus squarrosus and B. japonicus are closely related and often very much alike (see for instance Acedo & Llamas 2005, Oja & Paal 2007). The former usually has a racemose inflorescence with rather few, large, drooping spikelets at maturity. Lemmas are distinctly rhombic in outline with sharp marginal angles around the middle. The awn is usually inserted at least 2 mm below lemma apex. The inflorescence of Bromus japonicus on the contrary always is a panicle, often with numerous, smaller spikelets. Lemmas are only slightly rhombic in outline and margins are less sharply angled (angle above middle). The awn is most frequently inserted ca. 2 mm below lemma apex.

Herbarium specimen

Bromus japonicus, Antwerpen, port area, E-side Kanaaldok, unloading quay for cereals, August 2011, R. Barendse   Bromus squarrosus, lemma


Selected literature:

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