Bunias erucago

1. Bunias erucago L. (S-Eur.) – A very rare and much decreasing alien. Usually ephemeral but sometimes temporarily persisting or locally naturalised. First collected, without further details, in 1854. Recorded in Elsene (Brussel) in 1862 and 1863, in the port of Antwerpen in 1891 and near Berchiwez in 1908 and 1911. Much rarer still in the 20th century. Well-documented from Liège (Quai des Ardennes, along river Ourthe) by Roncart (1967). Here, Bunias erucago was naturalised, at least between 1934 and 1969. No longer seen in the past decades. 

Selected literature

Roncart R. (1967) Trouvailles floristiques. Bunias erucago et Heracleum mantegazzianum dans la région liégeoise. Nat. Mosana 20(3): 61-62.

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