Bupleurum subovatum

Bupleurum subovatum Link ex Spreng. (syn.: B. intermedium (Loisel. ex DC.) Steud.) (Medit., SW-As.) – A rare and ephemeral alien. Apparently first collected in Sint-Genesius-Rhode in 1876 (without further details). Subsequently seen in numerous, widely scattered locations (see Fabri 1987 and Fabri 1992 for an update). An ultimate herbarium revision yielded additional records from Mechelen (1954), Leopoldsburg (1967), Houthalen (s.d.) and Mouscron (1985), all sub Bupleurum rotundifolium. Parent (2009) cites a record from 1969 in Homvent. Most records are associated with cereals (incl. chicken feed) or wool. In the past decades much decreasing. Recently recorded on a railway yard with intensive transport of cereals in the port of Gent in 2000 and on the unloading quay for cereals at the Amerikadok in the port of Antwerpen in 2014.


Selected literature:

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