Calendula L.

Calendula is a taxonomically complex genus of 10-27 species (although many more have been described). It is native in the Mediterranean region, Macaronesia and southwestern Asia. The center of distribution lies in northwestern Africa with eight species known from northern Morocco (Valdés & al. 2002). The genus is remarkable for the wide range of chromosome numbers across species possibly resulting from the propensity of species with different chromosome numbers to hybridize and form new polyploid taxa (Plume 2008).
Two species are now very widespread and have been recorded in Belgium. Calendula officinalis is a popular ornamental species and C. arvensis a common weed of agricultural fields.

Heads 10-20 mm across, ligules less than twice as long as the involucral bracts, usually yellow === Calendula arvensis

Heads 20-70 mm across, ligules at least twice as long as the involucral bracts, usually orange, more rarely yellow === C. officinalis


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