Catalpa bignonioides

Catalpa bignonioides Walter (U.S.A.) – A rather rare but much increasing escape from cultivation, usually ephemeral. First reported as an escape from Brussel around 1999 (Geerinck 1999). Subsequently seen in several different and widely scattered locations (see Verloove 2002) but nearly always in urban habitats: cracks in pavement, foot of walls, abandoned railway yards or industrial sites, near parks, etc. Sometimes also observed on river banks. A subspontaneous specimen in Profondeville flowers since 2006 (Saintenoy-Simon 2008). A local naturalisation in a near future seems very likely.
Records of the two other species in this account might erroneously pass as Catalpa bignonioides.

Catalpa bignonioides, Brussel (Groendreef), foot of wall, August 2012, F. Verloove

Catalpa bignonioides, Brussel (Groendreef), foot of wall, August 2012, F. Verloove

Selected literature

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