Cercidiphyllum japonicum

Cercidiphyllum japonicum Sieb. & Zucc. (China, Japan) – Relatively widely cultivated as a (dioecious) ornamental in Belgium. Exceptionally seen as an escape from cultivation: a young, self-sown plant was discovered on a basement wall in the city of Ghent in 2014. It has also been reported as escaping from the living collections within the domaine of the Botanic Garden in Meise (Ronse 2011).

Cercidiphyllum japonicum apparently is very rare as an escape elsewhere in Europe (absent, for instance, in the British Isles; Clement & Foster 1994). It was recently recorded on several occasions as an escape in the city of Bochum in Germany (http://www.botanik-jagel.de/FloraBochum.html; Bochumer Botanischer Verein 2011).

Selected literature:

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