Chaerophyllum byzantinum

Chaerophyllum byzantinum Boiss. (SE-Eur., SW-As.) – A very rare and possibly ephemeral escape from cultivation. Recorded only twice so far in Belgium. First seen in Cheratte in 1989 (some specimens in and near an abandoned garden), obviously as an escape from cultivation (Lambinon & al. 1990). In 2016, a large population was discovered in similar circumstances in Genk.

The similar (and sometimes considered to be conspecific) Chaerophyllum aromaticum L. is probably more often cultivated and might also occur as an escape. Its leaf-lobes are more coarsely serrate and obliquely cuneate at base and acute-acuminate at apex (versus finely serrate leaf-lobes that are subcordate at base and rounded at apex in Chaerophyllum byzantinum) (see Saarinen & al. 2013). Both these species are evidently closely related but appear to be distinct genetically (Downie & al. 2000).

Selected literature:

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