Cicerbita Wallr.

(incl. Mycelis Cass.)

The generic circumscription of Cicerbita has changed a lot in recent times. Greuter (2003), followed by Mabberley (2008), included it in a broadened genus Lactuca L. The latter thus became a genus of ca. 130 species and included, among others, the genera Cicerbita, Mulgedium Cass. and Mycelis Cass. However, more recent studies (see Cichorieae portal) tend to accept Cicerbita (incl. Mulgedium and Mycelis) as a genus apart from Lactuca. This taxonomy is followed here as well. In this circumscription it counts ca. 20-30 species, including native Cicerbita muralis (L.) Wallr. (syn.: Lactuca muralis (L.) Gaertn., Mycelis muralis (L.) Dum.).

A few species of Cicerbita are tall attractive perennials and popular in cultivation (Richardson 2000, Jäger & al. 2008).

Additional information on the taxonomy of Cicerbita (and Cichorieae as a whole) is available here:

  • Ligules bluish (mauve to violet). Achenes beakless. Phyllaries in several rows. Inflorescence glandular hairy. Plant robust, (50-) 100-300(-350) cm tall === Cicerbita macrophylla
  • Ligules yellow. Achenes shortly beaked (beak up to ½ as long as body). Phyllaries in two very unequal rows (the outer very small). Plant usually entirely glabrous, glandular hairs always absent. Plant 20-100 cm tall, rarely more (native) === C. muralis


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