Commelina communis

2. Commelina communis L. (As.) – A rare and ephemeral alien but recently increasingly introduced. Probably first collected in Malonne in 1947 (foot of wall). Formerly sometimes found on dumps, for instance in Hoboken in 1951 (perhaps also as a garden escape). At present seen most years as an impurity in soybeans, especially in the port of Gent, sometimes abundantly so (see for instance Verloove & Vandenberghe 1998).

Herbarium specimen


Selected literature:

Forestier C. (1986) Note sur Commelina communis L. (Commelinales Commelinaceae). Bull. mens. Soc. Linn. Lyon, Suppl. 55(8): 1-3.

Verloove F. & Vandenberghe C. (1998) Nieuwe en interessante voederadventieven voor de Belgische flora, hoofdzakelijk in 1997. Dumortiera 72: 18-36.

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