As currently understood Coreopsis is a genus of ca. 35 species. Most are native to North America (some extending to tropical America). Species of Coreopsis from the Old World tropics, especially those from tropical Africa, in fact belong to Bidens (Mabberley 2008). Cosmos and some species of Bidens are obviously closely related with Coreopsis and generic limits have long been obscure. Based on recent molecular data both are probably best merged, all species being transferred to Bidens, the genus that has nomenclatural priority (Banfi & al. 2018).

Most species have showy, often bright yellow flowers and some are popular as garden ornamentals. Jäger & al. (2008) provide an extensive account of the genus in cultivation in Central Europe.

1. Annual. Ligules yellow, often with a brownish-purplish blotch at base. Tubular florets with 4 lobes === 2. Coreopsis tinctoria

1. Perennial. Ligules entirely yellow. Tubular florets with 5 lobes === 2

2. Leaves divided in linear to filiform segments. Involucral bracts 6-7 mm long. Plant glabrous === 3. C. verticillata

2. Leaves entire or with few lateral lobes, segments never linear or filiform. Involucral bracts 8-12 mm long. Plant usually sparsely hairy === 1. C. lanceolata



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