Coronilla L.

(excl. Securigera)

As currently understood, Coronilla is a genus of nine species, native to the Mediterranean region, Macaronesia and parts of Europe. Species with angled stems formerly included in Coronilla are now accommodated in Securigera (Lassen 1989a). Lambinon & al. (2004) enumerates three species of Coronilla from northeastern France (C. coronata L., C. minima L. and C. vaginalis Lam.); none of these has ever been recorded in Belgium.

A fourth species, Coronilla glauca L. (syn.: C. valentina L. subsp. glauca (L.) Battandier), a native from the Mediterranean area, has been introduced in a garden in Mons and abundantly self-seeds (cracks in pavement, gravel,…) (similar records are known from the British Isles as well; see Clement 1982). Like Coronilla minima and C. vaginalis it is a small, (semi-) evergreen shrub with yellow flowers. However, its leaves are not scarious at margin and it is usually taller (easily reaching 150 cm).

Coronilla scorpioides


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