Cotula L.

Cotula is, as currently understood, a genus of ca. 50 species, mostly confined to the southern hemisphere (especially South Africa) (Mabberley 2008). About 30-40 species formerly included in Cotula and chiefly originating in Australia and New-Zealand, are now accommodated in a separate genus, Leptinella Cass. Several species of the latter genus are cultivated as ornamentals (especially for carpeting; Cullen 2000, Jäger & al. 2008) and have been reported as naturalised escapes in lawns in the British Isles (see for instance Sell & Murrell 2006; more recently also in Germany, see Dickoré & al. 2009). They might have been overlooked in Belgium. The genus Cenia Comm. ex Juss., formerly represented as a wool alien in Belgium (Verloove 2006), is now included in Cotula.

1       Annual. Strigillose-villous throughout, especially when young (more or less glabrescent with age). Involucre 3-4 mm across. Leaf blade 2-3 pinnately lobed === Cotula australis

         Perennial. Glabrous, +/- fleshy. Involucre 6-12 mm across. Leaf blade entire or irregularly toothed-lobed === C. coronopifolia

Additional aliens: Cotula anthemoides L. (Afr., As.; wool alien) and C. turbinata L. (syn.: Cenia turbinata (L.) Pers.) (S-Afr., wool alien).


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