Elaeagnus umbellata

Elaeagnus umbellata Thunb. (Himalayas, China, Japan) – A rather frequently planted ornamental, mainly in public gardens or parks. Sometimes introduced for revegetation purposes (on coalmine heaps or on sandraised sites) and readily escaping. The exact invasion history of Elaeagnus umbellata is poorly documented in Belgium but the first records only date back to the 1980’s. At present, records are available from widely scattered locations but Elaeagnus umbellata is by far most frequent in the surroundings of Antwerpen. It is a rather frequent escape in port- (sandraised sites, sandy roadverges) or in urban areas (disused railway yards). Elaeagnus umbellata behaves like a very prominent and more or less invasive species in the Potpolder in Lillo (an artificial but nature-like sandy habitat with numerous depressions along river Schelde). Here, Elaeagnus umbellata is fully naturalised and a further extension in nearby, similar habitats is likely.

Herbarium specimen 1, Herbarium specimen 2, Herbarium specimen 3, Herbarium specimen 4

 Kontich, sand raised site, 05.2010, Filip Verloove

 Oostduinkerke, Ter Yde, coastal dunes, October 2010, F. Verloove

Elaeagnus umbellata


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