Eleusine indica

2. Eleusine indica (L.) Gaertn. (syn.: Cynosurus indicus L.) (trop. Afr.) – A rather poorly known, ephemeral alien. Much confused with Eleusine coracana subsp. africana but definitely much less frequent nowadays. Formerly introduced in wool waste and at present still sometimes seen as a grain alien. Most of the early records of “Eleusine indica” are indeed this species and not E. coracana subsp. africana.

Typical plants of Eleusine indica s.str. are readily distinguished from E. coracana by their very slender panicle branches. However, more or less intermediate plants probably also occur.

Eleusine indica, inflorescence - Drawing S.Bellanger

Herbarium specimen 1

Herbarium specimen 2


Selected literature:

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