Eriobotrya Lindley

Eriobotrya is a genus with ca. 30 species (much less according to some authors) in southern and southeastern Asia. Its center of diversity probably lies in China where about half of the species are found, three of them endemic (Cuizhi & Spongberg 2003). All species are shrubs or trees and some are cultivated as ornamentals, for timber or fruit. In European gardens at least four species are known to be grown (Mitchem 1995), especially in the warmer parts of Europe, but probably only one, E. japonica (Thunb.) Lindl. (so-called ‘loquat’), is more or less widely cultivated. This species has been recorded in Belgium as well. All species that are grown in Europe, however, are much alike, genetically related and their identity should be checked. They are mostly distinguished on rather subtle characters like leaf stalk length and density of lower leaf surface indumentum (see Mitchem 1995). Natural hybrids between some of them have been recorded (Fan & al. 2014, Ding & al. 2015).


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