Eruca Mill.

The generic limits of Eruca are very uncertain, as is the number of species. As usually understood it is a Mediterranean genus with one variable species, E. vesicaria. Alternatively, some of the infraspecific taxa are sometimes accepted as distinct species. Schulz (1919) distinguished five species, whereas Euro+Med Plantbase now accepts two species (E. vesicaria and E. loncholoma (Pomel) O. E. Schulz, a North African endemic). One taxon (“subsp. sativa”) is often cultivated as a minor vegetable, rucola.
Molecular data shed new light on the genus. According to some authors (Al-Shehbaz & al. 2006) it is best considered part of a broadly circumscribed genus Brassica, whereas others propose to redefine Eruca as to include some representatives of Diplotaxis (Arias & Pires 2012). Pending further studies it is here treated in a conservative way, with only one variable species accepted.


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