Euphorbia amygdaloides

Euphorbia amygdaloides L. subsp. robbiae (Turrill) Stace (syn.: E. robbiae Turrill, E. amygdaloides var. robbiae (Turrill) Radcliffe-Smith) (NW-Turkey) – A very rare but probably increasing escape from cultivation. First seen from discarded garden waste by a railway siding in Roeselare in 2000 and 2001 (soon destroyed afterwards). Further seen in the city of Oudenaarde in 2005 (cracks in pavement close to a plantation). Probably the only stable and obviously long-naturalized population is located in the Buylaers nature reserve in Lokeren.

This taxon is rather frequently cultivated nowadays and possibly overlooked (as a result of confusion with subsp. amygdaloides) or merely neglected.

Records of subsp. amygdaloides outside of its native Belgian distribution area and/or in non-natural or disturbed habitats are suspect and require confirmation. In addition to subsp. robbiae another close relative from Turkey is also cultivated in Europe: Euphorbia oblongifolia (C. Koch) C. Koch (see Carter & Cullen 1997 for its separation).

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