Euphorbia chamaesyce

Euphorbia chamaesyce L. (syn.: Euphorbia canescens L., Chamaesyce canescens (L.) Prokh., C. vulgaris Prokh.) (Euras., Afr.) – An exceptional alien, discovered in abundance in 2000 on gravelly soil (car park) in Malonne (Kervyn & Lambinon 2000). Confirmed afterwards but declining and likely to disappear soon.

The single Belgian collection has glabrous capsules.

Selected literature:

Kervyn A. & Lambinon J. (2000) Une euphorbe prostrée, Euphorbia chamaesyce, nouvelle pour la Belgique, à Malonne (province de Namur). Nat. Mosana 53(4): 125-128.

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