Euphorbia esula

Euphorbia esula-group. This species complex requires further study. One taxon, Euphorbia esula L. s.str., is probably native in Belgium, at least in the valley of river Meuse (Durand 1899). At present a narrow-leaved taxon is more frequent and doubtlessly non-native. It is usually referred to as Euphorbia esula subsp. tommasiniana (Bertol.) Kuzmanov (syn.: E. waldsteinii (Soják) Radcl.-Sm., E. virgata Waldst. & Kit., E. virgultosa Klokov) (Lambinon & Verloove 2012). However, the exact identity of the latter is uncertain. According to some sources these plants, at least in part, belong to a different taxon, possibly of hybrid origin: Euphorbia xpseudovirgata (Schur) Soó (syn.: E. esula subsp. pseudovirgata (Schur) Govaerts) (Stace 2010). Moreover, the correct name to apply is also uncertain. Recent German taxonomists (following Russian ones, mainly Geltman 1996) tend to adopt a narrow species concept. According to these authors names here accepted as synonyms of subsp. tommasiniana (and several others) represent distinct species. Our widespread plant then seems to belong to Euphorbia virgultosa Klokov, for which the correct name appears to be E. saratoi Ardoino (Reichert & al. 2018). A very useful and thoroughly illustrated account with notes on identification, nomenclature and taxonomy of this species complex is provided by the Euphorbia esula Arbeitsgruppe, see:

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