Euphorbia prostrata

Euphorbia prostrata Ait. (syn.: Chamaesyce prostrata (Ait.) Small) (Am.) – A very rare and often ephemeral alien. Discovered in 2002 as an urban weed in Oudergem (Brussel; Saintenoy-Simon 2003, sub Euphorbia cf. maculata). Subsequently seen as a garden weed in Poederlee (ephemeral). Discovered in 2006 in relative abundance on an infrequently used railway yard in the port of Liège and since 2007 present in similar habitats in the surroundings of Virton (Saint-Mard) and Tintigny (Saint-Vincent). There perhaps recently naturalized. In 2009 also discovered in cracks of pavement and gravel of a private house in Barchon and in similar circumstances in 2011 in Tielt and in 2015 in Brugge. A large, probably naturalized population was discovered in the city of Hasselt in 2016.

Also regularly recorded in plant nurseries, chiefly as an introduction with olive trees and palms from southern Europe (Hoste & al. 2009). Records of Euphorbia prostrata in urban habitats and gardens are possibly associated herewith.

Selected literature:

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