Gamochaeta Wedd.

Gamochaeta is a segregate of Gnaphalium and obviously closely related to it. Its generic status is controversial. Many recent authors, especially in the New World (e.g. Freire & Iharlegui 1997, Nesom 2006), acknowledge its generic status, while others are more reluctant to do so (e.g. Stace 2010, Tison & de Foucault 2014). However, molecular data seem to favor its segregation from Gnaphalium (e.g. Schilling & Floden 2012, Freire & al. 2014). It is best distinguished by pappus bristles that are basally connate (entire pappus falling as a unit). In Gnaphalium pappus bristles are distinct and fall separately. As currently circumscribed Gamochaeta probably accommodates ca. 50-80 species, depending on species circumscription. All are native to the New World, with its center of diversity being located in South America. Several species are reputed environmental weeds and have widely spread beyond their native distribution range (e.g. Drury 1971, Rocha Afonso 1984). In addition to the single species treated in detail in this account (Gamochaeta pensylvanica), the following are in expansion in southwestern France (especially in coastal areas) and probably will reach Belgium in the future: Gamochaeta antillana and G. coarctata (Willd.) Kerguélen (syn.: G. spicata Cabrera, Gnaphalium coarctatum Willd., G. spicatum Lam.). The former, despite being a relatively recent introduction (Vivant 1980), at present (2014) reaches Nantes in western France (see:

Additional aliens: Gamochaeta antillana (Urban) Anderberg (syn.: G. subfalcata (Cabrera) Cabrera, Gnaphalium antillanum Urban and G. subfalcatum Cabrera) (Am., wool alien). An old collection of G. calviceps (Fernald) Cabrera (syn.: Gnaphalium calviceps Fernald) (Verloove 2006) eventually turned out to be referable to G. antillana (comm. G. Nesom).


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