Glyceria canadensis

1. Glyceria canadensis (Michaux) Trin. (N-Am.) – A very rare but locally naturalised alien. At first discovered in 1995 in Waimes near Malmédy (Hautes Ardennes) in marshy woodland (Duvigneaud & al. 1996, Saintenoy-Simon 1997). Subsequently also found in a similar habitat in the nature reserve Steenbeemden in Kessel (valley of the Grote Nete near Nijlen) in 1999 (De Beer 2002). In both localities Glyceria canadensis is locally very common and, despite its recent discovery, believed to have been present since several decades already. As a matter of fact, military activities during World War II might have been responsible for the (accidental) introduction in Waimes as well as in Kessel.

The similar but in all respects more delicate Glyceria striata should be looked for (see introduction).

Glyceria canadensis is known since long from parts of Scandinavia (Kurtto 1996a). It was recently also recorded for the first time in the British Isles (Mitchell 2007) and seems to increase lately.

Herbarium specimen

Glyceria canadensis, spikelet - Drawing S.Bellanger


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