Hippophae is a small genus of three species, all native in temperate Eurasia. The very variable Hippophae rhamnoides L. is a common native species in coastal dunes. It is represented in Belgium by subsp. rhamnoides (syn.: subsp. maritima v. Soest). A second subspecies, subsp. fluviatilis v. Soest, is sometimes introduced. Their morphological distinction is often critical. As a matter of fact, their differentiation is chiefly geographical and ecological. Despite this, some recent authors tend to accept them all at specific rank (see for instance Loos 2010, Banfi & al. 2011).

Both subspecies are possibly best distinguished as follows:

  • Leaves linear-lanceolate, 2-6 mm wide. Branches long and straight, often less spinose. Fruit (when dry) 5-6 mm x 4-6 mm, obovate to almost spherical  === subsp. fluviatilis
  • Leaves wider, up to 8 mm wide. Branches short, more or less tortuous and often very spinose. Fruit (when dry) 7-9 mm x 5-7 mm, cylindrical === subsp. rhamnoides

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