Hornungia alpina

Hornungia alpina (L.) O. Appel (syn.: Pritzelago alpina (L.) Kuntze, Hutchinsia alpina (L.) W.T. Aiton, Noccaea alpina (L.) Rchb.) (SW and C Eur., N Afr.) – An exceptional escape from cultivation. Recorded only once, at a foot of a wall, in Berchem (Antwerpen) in 2013.

The plant seen in Berchem has flexuous, leafy stems, a character of subsp. auerswaldii (Willk.) O. Appel (Heywood & Jones 1964). This and the other subspecies are cultivated as ornamentals, mostly for the rock garden (Jäger & al. 2008). Records outside of cultivation are fairly rare. A claim from the British Isles was considered dubious (Clement & Foster 1994).

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