Iberis umbellata

3. Iberis umbellata L. (Medit.) – A rather rare, very locally naturalised escape from cultivation. First collected in a meadow in Landelies in 1879. Subsequently observed in several different, widely scattered locations but mostly ephemeral. Some cases of local naturalisation are well-documented. Iberis umbellata is known, for instance, from coastal dunes in Adinkerke (Krakeelduinen in the nature reserve Westhoek) since at least 1952. Also formerly naturalised in abundance on an old brick quay wall of river Leie in the city of Kortrijk (Verloove 2002) but this population was recently destroyed after infrastructural works. In the past years also repeatedly seen, often in abundance, on bare gravelly soil of coal mine heaps in the surroundings of Charleroi, for instance in Gilly, Monceau, Morlanwelz and Péronnes-lez-Binche (possibly initially sown). Likewise, also repeatedly recorded in abandoned quarries in the past years (for instance in Autelbas and Thy-le-Château).

Iberis umbellata usually grows on dry, calcareous often sun-exposed substrates (mostly old walls, pavement, etc. but also coastal dunes or coalmine heaps and quarries). However, some populations thrive well in partly shady, somewhat damp habitats as well. Records in road verges or on dumps are usually ephemeral.

Iberis umbellata, Charleroi (Monceau), coal mine heap, August 2010, F. Verloove

Iberis umbellata, Adinkerke-De Panne, Krakeelduinen, coastal dunes, July 2010, W. Vercruysse



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