Ibicella lutea

Ibicella lutea (Lindl.) Van Eselt. (syn.: Proboscidea lutea (Lindl.) Stapf, Martynia lutea Lindl.) (S-Am.) – A rare and ephemeral alien. Recorded several times as wool alien in the valley of river Vesdre between 1894 and 1947, on gravelly river banks but also on waste land (Visé 1958, Verloove 2006). Also elsewhere in Europe Ibicella lutea was a regular wool alien in the 19th and 20th century (e.g. Lousley 1961). It was most recently documented from Liège in 1992 when a single individual was seen, apparently germinating from a long-buried seed bank of unknown origin (Lambinon & al. 1993). In 2017 a dry seed pod was found on the sea shore of De Panne (provenance unknown).
Ibicella lutea is a noxious weed in parts of the Old World. In Australia it is declared a prohibited seed species with no tolerance level (Jacob & al. 2004).

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