Journal Management of Biological Invasions

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2010
Authors:F. Verloove
Journal:Journal Management of Biological Invasions
Start Page:1
Keywords:alien species, Digitaria violascens, Eleocharis pellucida, Juncus dichotomus, taxonomy, Vicia dalmatica

Misidentifications are an important but neglected problem in studies on plant invasions. This review shows how taxonomic education of staff and stakeholders is of great importance for correctly assessing threats provoked by alien plant species in field and literature based studies. Four randomly chosen recent examples (Digitaria violascens, Eleocharis pellucida, Juncus dichotomus and Vicia dalmatica) from Europe demonstrate that, as a result of an initial erroneous identification and/or confusion with similar harmless species, potentially noxious environmental weeds have been able to become fully naturalised. They act as “invaders in disguise” and therefore constitute a real problem for conservation management.

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