Lepyrodiclis Fenzl

Lepyrodiclis is a genus of three Central and West Asian species (Cullen 1967). At least one, Lepyrodiclis holosteoides, is a noxious weed of cereal crops (in its area of origin as well as in its secondary area, for instance in North America; see Rabeler 2005).

Recent molecular data demonstrated that, when all species of Stellaria are considered, the latter genus is non-monophyletic and forms a grade subtending Cerastium, a few species of Arenaria and the smaller genera Pseudostellaria, Holosteum, Moenchia, Myosoton, Plettkea and also Lepyrodiclis (Greenberg & Donoghue 2011). Pending additional studies, Lepyrodiclis is here still accepted in its traditional sense.


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