Limnobium Richard

(incl. Hydromystria G. Mey.)

Limnobium is, as currently understood (Haynes 2000, Mabberley 2008), a genus of one or two closely related species (L. laevigatum and L. spongia (Bosc) Richard ex Steudel). The former is widely cultivated as an aquatic ornamental or as an aquarium plant. In warm-temperate and (sub-) tropical areas it may behave as a noxious aquatic weed.

Limnobium is obviously closely related to Hydrocharis; both represent the most primitive elements within Hydrocharitaceae (Les & al. 2006). Non-flowering plants of some representatives of the latter are hardly distinguishable from Limnobium. However, both genera are readily told apart on floral characters. In Europe only female plants of Limnobium seem to have been introduced (Mabberley 2008) and plants are very reluctant to flower in our area. Some authors (Díaz-Miranda & al. 1981) maintain Limnobium and Hydromystria as distinct genera based on morphological evidence but this is not supported by molecular data (Les & al. 2006, Chen & al. 2012). If both were accepted, then the only species here concerned should be referred to as Hydromystria laevigata.


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