Lindernia All. (incl. Ilysanthes Rafin.)

Lindernia is a genus of ca. 160 species, mostly confined to the warm-temperate regions of the world. At least one, Lindernia dubia, is an increasing weed of damp habitats in parts of southern Europe. In its traditional circumscription it was found out to be polyphyletic; generic boundaries were recently slightly modified by Fischer & al. (2013).

  • Fertile stamens 2 (plus 2 staminodes). Flowers usually chasmogamous, with corolla distinctly exceeding calyx. Leaves with crenate-serrate margins === 1. Lindernia dubia
  • Fertile stamens 4. Flowers usually cleistogamous, with corolla not exceeding calyx. Leaf margins subentire === 2. L. procumbens


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