Myagrum perfoliatum

1. Myagrum perfoliatum L. (S-Eur., SW-As.) – A rather rare and much decreasing, always ephemeral alien. First recorded in 1821 in Leuven (without further details). Observed as a wool alien in the Vesdre valley between 1891 and 1907 (possibly persisting for some time on a talus slope). Furthermore recorded on various occasions and in widely scattered locations but much rarer since 1950: on waste land near a steel plant in 1954 in Hoboken, on a railway bank in Vilvoorde, also in 1954 and on a dry pond margin in Nismes in 1956. In the past decades observed several times as a grain alien: in a roadverge in Pittem in 1994 (Verloove & Vandenberghe 1995) and under a grain conveyor at the Kattendijkdok in the port of Antwerpen in 1998. Since 2011 Myagrum perfoliatum was also regularly seen with several individuals in the port-area of Gent. Finally, in 2015 also recorded near a small grain mill in Moen.
Myagrum perfoliatum is usually found on waste land but there are several old records from agricultural fields as well (beets, etc.).

Myagrum perfoliatum, Gent, port area, roadsides, May 2011, J. Janssen Myagrum perfoliatum, Gent, port area, roadsides, May 2011, R. Van Heghe
Myagrum perfoliatum, Gent, port area, roadsides, May 2011, R. Van Heghe  


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