Neillia D. Don

(incl. Stephanandra Sieb. et Zucc.)

Recent molecular phylogenetic research supports the inclusion of Stephanandra in Neillia (Oh 2006, Potter & al. 2007). This is furthermore confirmed by leaf morphology, inflorescence type and carpel number. In this new circumscription Neillia is an Asian genus of about 21 species. Several are cultivated as ornamentals (both from Neillia as Stephanandra) but only one, N. incisa, is a relatively common garden plant. This and a second species have been recorded as escapes from cultivation in Belgium.

1       Leaves lobed for more than 1/3 of distance margin to midrib, ca. 20-60 mm long. Upper leaf surface bristly hairy. Stipules (sub-) entire. Sepals not toothed. Stamens 10 === Neillia incisa

         Leaves weakly lobed, ca. 50-100 mm long. Upper leaf surface glabrous. Stipules toothed. Sepals with a conspicuous apical tooth. Stamens 15-20 === N. tanakae


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