Nemesia Vent.

Nemesia is an African (predominantly South African) genus with about 60 species (Mabberley 2008). The genus is popular in cultivation but species are often hard to identify as a result of hybridization. Most plants in cultivation are probably derived from Nemesia caerulea Hiern., N. strumosa Benth. and/or N. versicolor E. Meyer ex Benth. Gardner & Maxwell (2000) distinguish these species and an additional one (Nemesia denticulata (Benth.) Fourcade) while Jäger & al. (2008) refer to all plants in cultivation as “Nemesia-Hybriden”. Since “pure” species are probably no longer cultivated the latter circumscription is applied in the present account.

An additional species, Nemesia melisiifolia Benth., with tiny white corollas, is increasingly found in neighbouring countries. It was formerly found as a wool alien in the British Isles (Clement & Foster 1994) and more recently in France (Portal & Bergeron 2009) and the Netherlands (Denters 2004). In Amsterdam it is naturalized in urban habitats since the 1980’s.


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