Nieuwe en interessante graan- en veevoederadventieven voor de Belgische en Noordfranse flora, hoofdzakelijk in 1993

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1994
Authors:F. Verloove, Vandenberghe C.
Start Page:44

New records of interesting and new grain- and cattle fodder aliens in Belgium and Northern France, especially in 1993. The authors' survey of the grain-alien flora in Belgium and Northern France has been continued in 1993. A large number of granaries throughout the territory have been visited, which resulted in six additions for the Belgian adventitious flora: Polygonum pensylvanicum, Sesbania exaltata, Sicyos angulatus, Solarium carolinense, Urochloa panicoides and Verbena brasiliensis, most of them being related to soybean importation. Other remarkable finds were Ammi visnaga, Beckmannia syzigachne, Datura ferox, Echinochloa coloria, E. frumenlacea, Hibiscus trionum, Medicago scutellata, Physalis pemviana, Schkuhria abrotanoides, Solatium rostratum, S. sarachoides and S. sisymbriifolium, Besides the North American and mediterannean origin there is also an important South American element (viz Amaranthus standleyanus, Bidens pilosa, Chlotis pycnothrix, Physalis pemviana, Schkuhria abrotanoides and Solatium sisymbriifolium) and, exclusively in the harbour of Roeselare, a South African element (viz Emex australis and Urochloa panicoides) to be recognized. Soybean import, which is steadily increasing in the last decade, is mainly responsible for the huge amount of new aliens in the Belgian adventitious flora. Therefor this particular group of aliens should probably better be named "fodder-aliens" in stead of "grain-aliens".

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