Odontites Ludw.

Odontites is a genus with 32 species, all confined to the Old World (W and S Europe, the Mediterranean area and further east to the Himalayas). A single species is native in Belgium, O. vernus (Bellardi) Dum. (subsp. vernus and subsp. serotinus Corb., the latter being the most widespread) (Lambinon & Verloove 2012).
The generic limits of Odontites are uncertain. Rothmaler (1943), followed by Bolliger (1996) in his monographic study, segregated several small genera (Bartsiella Bolliger, Bornmuellerantha Rothm., Macrosyringion Rothm. and Odontitella Rothm.) and this taxonomic framework was followed by most subsequent floras (e.g. Benedí & al. 2009, Tison & de Foucault 2014). Recent molecular studies, however, suggested that Bartsiella and Bornmuellerantha should be reintegrated into Odontites s.l. (Scheunert & al. 2012, Gaudeul & al. 2016, Gaudeul & al. 2018). All taxa encountered in Belgium, native as well as introduced, belong to Odontites s.str.

1 Corolla pinkish purple (native) === Odontites vernus
Corolla yellowish, sometimes slightly suffused with pink == 2

2 Anthers perpendicular to the filament. Corolla bright yellow. Floral bracts with entire margins === O. luteus
Anthers at right angle to the filament. Corolla pale yellow, often suffused with pink. Floral bracts with a few dents or nearly entire === O. jaubertianus (var. jaubertianus)


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