Orlaya Hoffmann

Orlaya is a small genus of three species, originally native to southeastern Europe and Central Asia. One species, Orlaya grandiflora (L.) Hoffmann, is an archaeophytic weed of arable land in large parts of Europe, including Belgium (Lambinon & Verloove 2012). It has much decreased since the 1950s and might be nearly extinct now (e.g. Lambinon 1979, Fabri 1992). In the past years, it was repeatedly seen as grain alien in port areas in Antwerpen and Gent.

1       Rays 2-4(-5). Petals of marginal flowers ca. 5-8 mm long. Fruit 8-18 mm long === Orlaya daucoides

         Rays 5-12. Petals of marginal flowers ca. 9-18 mm long. Fruit 6-8 mm long (native) === O. grandiflora


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