Ornithopus L.

Ornithopus is a genus of six species. Five are native in Europe, Macaronesia or the Mediterranean area; an additional species is restricted to South America. Recent molecular studies demonstrated that Mediterranean species form a sister clade with the South American Ornithopus micranthus (Benth.) Arechav. (Visnevschi-Necrasov & al. 2012). One species is native in Belgium, Ornithopus perpusillus L. Ornithopus sativus is sometimes grown as a crop plant (serradella) but only rarely these days.

1. Corolla yellow. Pod laterally compressed, not or hardly constricted between the seeds, with a distinct beak ca. 3-15 mm long === 1. Ornithopus compressus

1. Corolla whitish to pink. Pod terete, much constricted between the seeds (moniliform at maturity), with a short beak ca. 1-3 mm long === 2

2. Corolla 6-10 mm long. Calyx 3,2-5 mm long. Bracts shorter than the inflorescence === 2. O. sativus subsp. sativus

2. Corolla 3,5-4,5 mm long. Calyx 2,3-2,8 mm long. Bracts much longer than the inflorescence (native) === O. perpusillus


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