Pelargonium L’Hérit.

Pelargonium is a genus of ca. 280 species that are mostly confined to southern Africa (Mabberley 2008). Numerous species are cultivated as ornamentals (for summer bedding, in greenhouses, some species also for their strongly scented leaves). Miller (1997) provides a detailed account of the genus in cultivation in Europe (with 46 species). At present, most of the popular garden plants are probably complex hybrids and hardly identifiable to species level. Jäger & al. (2008) accommodate most species in hybrid-groups (‘P. peltatum-hybrids’, ‘P. zonale-hybrids’ and ‘P. grandiflorum-hybrids’). The genus Pelargonium is still frequently cultivated in Belgium, although perhaps less than it used to be. Most species are not hardy and probably never escape in Belgium. Even as garden throw-outs they are never recorded (or merely neglected). Pelargonium xhortorum L. Bailey produces viable seed in the British Isles (see Clement & Foster 1994).

Pelargonium capitatum


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