Phalaris brachystachys

3. Phalaris brachystachys Link (syn.: P. nitida C. Presl, P. quadrivalvis Lag.) (Medit.) – A very rare and ephemeral alien, most often seen as a grain alien in port areas (chiefly Antwerpen and Gent), by railway tracks or near granaries, more rarely also on dumps. Perhaps first collected on a canal bank in Schoten in 1906. Most recently seen on a railway yard in the port of Gent in 2000 (Verloove 2003). 

In general habit Phalaris brachystachys and P. canariensis are much alike. The former possibly is slightly under-recorded.

Herbarium specimen 1

Herbarium specimen 2

Phalaris brachystachys, lemma


Selected literature:

Verloove F. (2003) Graanadventieven nieuw voor de Belgische flora, hoofdzakelijk in 1999 en 2000. Dumortiera 80: 45-53.

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