Physalis alkekengi

1. Physalis alkekengi L. (Euras.) – A rare and decreasing escape from cultivation. Formerly naturalised (possibly archaeophytic) in a small area in the province of Liège (see Durand 1899 for an overview) but already extinct before 1930 (Lambinon 1980). Present-day records are usually ephemeral although larger, apparently naturalised populations are still sometimes seen, for instance on a bank of the canal Dessel-Schoten (near Botermelk) in 2006.

Physalis alkekengi is a very variable species. Two varieties – of disputed taxonomic rank (considered as distinct species by some authors or as conspecific by others) – are usually distinguished: var. alkekengi from Eurasia and var. franchetii (Masters) Makino (syn.: P. franchetii Masters) from eastern Asia (China). However, their distinction is rarely straightforward and intermediate plants do occur (possibly hybrids that are sometimes referred to as var. bunyardii Hort. ex Makino; see van Ooststroom & Reichgelt 1962). Var. franchetii, a taller plant with larger fruiting calyces, is the usual plant in cultivation. Both varieties are distinguished as follows:

  • Fruiting calyx 20-40 mm long at maturity, red, pubescent. Plant often small, rarely exceeding 60 cm === var. alkekengi
  • Fruiting calyx 40-60 mm long at maturity, orange or orange-red, glabrescent. Plant often taller, up to 100 cm === var. franchetii

Physalis alkekengi, Balen (Langvennen), former dump, September 2009, R. Barendse.

Herbarium specimen


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