Physalis ixocarpa

4. Physalis ixocarpa Brot. ex Hornem. (syn.: P. aequata Jacq. f., P. philadelphica subsp. ixocarpa (Brot. ex Hornem.) Sobrino Vesperinas et Sanz Elorza, P. philadelphica var. immaculata Waterfall) (Mexico) – A rare and decreasing, always ephemeral alien. Formerly rather frequently seen in the Vesdre valley, at least between 1912 and 1970. Elsewhere only exceptionally recorded: in 1949 on waste land in Erps-Kwerps and in 1950 on a dump near Mechelen (Zavelberg). More recent records were always in error for Physalis angulata. Both are indeed very similar but Physalis ixocarpa always has a terete fruiting calyx (distinctly angular in P. angulata), a dark-spotted corolla throat and much shorter flowering and fruiting pedicels.

Physalis ixocarpa is sometimes cultivated for its edible fruits and might occur on dumps or near sewage works. It is obviously closely related to Physalis philadelphica and sometimes included in the latter. Sobrino Vesperinas & Sanz Elorza (2007) reduced it to a subspecies of Physalis philadelphica.

Physalis ixocarpa is an increasing agricultural weed in southern Europe and southwest Asia.

Herbarium specimen


Selected literature:

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