Physalis longifolia

5. Physalis longifolia Nutt. var. subglabrata (Mack. et Bush) Cronquist (syn.: P. virginiana Mill. var. subglabrata (Mack. et Bush) Waterfall, P. subglabrata Mack. et Bush) (N-Am.) – A very rare, usually ephemeral alien (sometimes persisting for some time). First recorded as a wool alien in the valley of river Vesdre near Ensival in 1902. Subsequently seen as a grain alien near Schoten in 1917 (as Hyoscyamus aureus L.). More recently observed on several occasions as a soybean alien in the vicinity of the Rodenhuizedok in the port of Gent: about 15 plants in a sandy roadverge in 1998 (some surviving in 1999) and a single specimen on the unloading quay in 2003. Other records of non-flowering perennial species of Physalis from the same locations probably also belong here. The same probably applies to Dutch records of Physalis virginiana (var. sonorae (Torr.) Waterfall; see van Ooststroom & Reichgelt 1962).

Herbarium specimen


Selected literature:

Van Ooststroom S.J. & Reichgelt Th.J. (1962) De in Nederland adventieve en gekweekte Physalis-soorten. Gorteria 1(7): 65-71.

Sullivan J.R. (2004) The genus Physalis (Solanaceae) in the southeastern United States. Rhodora 106: 305-326.

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