Physalis peruviana

6. Physalis peruviana L. (syn.: P. edulis Sims, P. esculenta Salisb., P. tomentosa Med.) (S-Am.) – A rather frequent, increasing but probably ephemeral alien. First recorded in 1893 as an exceptional wool alien in the valley of river Vesdre. Most subsequent records are from dumps, sewage works or river banks (mainly Maas, but also Vesdre, see Lambinon & Beaujean 1993). Also sometimes seen in urban habitats from discarded fruits or near poultry farms (probably introduced with manure). At present seen most years along river Maas and sometimes claimed to be naturalised but this is very unlikely (berries hardly mature in Belgium). Recorded every year from dumps, for instance in Rumbeke-Roeselare.

Part of the records of Physalis peruviana is possibly referable to the similar P. grisea (see under that species).

Physalis peruviana, Waasmunster, ruderal area in woodland, August 2007, E. Molenaar.

Physalis peruviana, Gent (Oostakker), demolition site, September 2009, F. Verloove.

Physalis peruviana, Gent (Oostakker), demolition site, September 2009, F. Verloove.


Herbarium specimen


Selected literature:

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